DJ POP: 2012 Eye Candy.

Since Halloween is coming up I thought ya’ll might be in for a treat!  It’s almost the end of 2012 and hotties have been talked about left and right, so I decided to pick 5 of the hottest and most talked about men in 2012!

I know winter is coming and your nights are getting colder but turn your summer fan on because your computer screen is about to get steamy. Starting from hottest to hottest:

1. Charlie Hunnam AGE: 32 

God went all out on this piece of manly art, the star of Sons of Anarchy continues to shine his beauty and grow professionally as the show progresses into the middle of it’s 5th season. (Also he’s the screensaver on my ipad)

As a side not CALTV recently interviewed one of his badass & sexy peers, David Labrava, a real motorcyclist who  plays Happy on SOA

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt AGE: 31 

The ladies have been buzzin’ about this cutie more than the usual since his latest role on Looper.

If you’re into the good boy/ young boy look this is the man for you. You might find it interesting to know that he’ s very involved in music making and has done some collaborations with Zooey Deschanel, you can find their improv duet on youtube right here.  He’s a cool kid getting sexier by the day.  PS: Check out CalTV most recent interview with this sweet piece of honey.

3. Ryan Gosling AGE: 31

"I would drown just so you can save me"

This Mr. has been talked about a lot this passed year and seems to only be getting sexier and sexier. Who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling? Rumors are he’s been taken by the beautiful Eva Mendez. Taken or not, how could we ever get tired of this angel sent by the heavens?

4. Adam Levine  AGE: 33

Apparently, Adam has a lot under his clothes, not only is he down to earth, he’s also a really talented musician wrapped up in the success.

Bad news for the ladies, this guy is super in love with a Victoria Secret model Ann V, so for now out of the market! 


5. Robert Pattinson  AGE: 26

The youngest of the top sexy! This vampire  is  single and ready to mingle. Pattinson  is more on the reserved side, it’s be pretty awesome to see him get bad wouldn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed my countdown as much as I did! I’m off to take a cold shower and watch last week’s episode of Son’s of Anarchy, so I can drool over my  boo.


Diana (D) Vergara.


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