Freelance Whales: Their New Album Diluvia and Interview at Mezzanine, SF

– Judy Elkind

Freelance Whales has been building a steady following since they first premiered. Starting out playing shows on the Subways of New York, on to countless tours promoting their first album, they’ve now arrived with their second full length album, Diluvia.

While the first album Weathervanes, had more of the upbeat-Pop nature, Diluvia taps into the same essence of musical styling but with a different, more mystic touch. The album indeed sounds like some epic travel-log through the outer galaxies, as their choice of album title suggests.

I definitely recommend giving their songs a listen, and if you have the chance, to catch them live. Whatever can be said about their rerecorded work (and I say “love it!”) their live sound beats it by miles (“love love it”). Seriously, their rich sound and overlapping compositions displays in full force at a live show.

Last week we were lucky enough to see Freelance Whales at Mezzanine, their SF stop during a national tour accompanied by SF band Geographer. Not only do I have a few pictures to share, including one from a show I saw in 2010, but we also got to sit down with Judah and Kevin from Freelance Whales.
So check it out!

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