DJ POP: Candy Hunting around the Bay

Halloween party weekend is around the corner! Are you ready?  If you’re not well don’t despair! There are plenty of events happening on that spooky day we all look forward to around one of my favorite spots in the world, of course that is my dearest Bay Area!

If you’re down to get loads of free candy like I am, a good place to trick or treat is on 4th Street where the Apple Store and several other merchants are located. This event is more for children, but I’m not going to deny that they’ll give out amazing amounts of candy, so in the spirit of Halloween, it’s worth a try! Remember you can always borrow your nephew or littler brother for this one. Anyway, there will be live music, photo booths, and face painting as well.  Other places for trick or treating are the Berkeley Hills and Oakland Hills for old-fashioned street trick or treating.  Transportation might be a hassle but I think it might be worth it (between you and me) I hear they are quite generous with their candy!

If you’re looking for some more edgy treats you might want to go all out and head out to San Francisco! Belvedere Street is the place to be! This street is renowned for its scary decorations and generous amounts of candy. Since it’s one of the most popular areas to go on Halloween, most of the population of San Francisco will be there. But don’t let that scare you off, it’s definitely an experience worth having!

Also, have you heard that Robin Williams lives in San Francisco? Sea Cliff and St Francis Wood, the streets where he resides, are known for giving out the whole candy bars no funsize business!

Not into trick or treating? Well in that case there’s no saying that the frats will be hosting their annual Halloween freakfests, BUT Pappy’s will definitely be getting their spook on so you might want to check out those parties on happening the weekend of October 27th!

I think you’re all set on awesome places to trick or treat around the bay and if you’re too old for that there’s always house parties and bars!

Hopefully you gets lots of goodies, don’t over due your candy and most importantly make sure to always keep it safe! Check your candy before you devour it and party wisely.



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