DJ Pop: Beyonce to Headline Superbowl Halftime 2013

Queen B is coming yall. Last Tuesday (10/16/12), Beyonce posted this image with the date “Feb 3 2013” on her official website, which led to speculation that she’d be performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show for the NFL. The NFL left little time for speculation as it went ahead and confirmed this news a day later.

I’m so stoked about this announcement that I am legitimately ready to breakout into my “Single Ladies” choreography (Okay not really, but listening to her music as I type this isn’t helping). After a string of classic rockers such as The Who, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney performing at the Halftime Show in recent years, it’s very exciting that the NFL is once again opening up the possibilities for who gets to perform at such a monstrous event. I mean, this past year’s Halftime Show was viewed by more people than THE GAME ITSELF. That truly speaks volumes about the significance of this one-time, worldwide event. And if anyone can do this show right, it’s certainly Beyonce.

This past year Madonna took the stage of the Halftime Show, which was seen as a huge deal by the public because up until her, no woman had really headlined the Superbowl Halftime since Janet Jackson in 2004. And it seems since that infamous “wardrobe malfunction” the NFL and the networks airing the show strived to book performers that didn’t seem likely to follow in her footsteps (Mick Jagger nipple flash, anyone?).

There’s something really exciting about hearing Beyonce will be headlining the Halftime Show. Maybe it’s because unlike Madonna, or many of the other recent performers, Beyonce is younger and yet has already attained so much success in her relatively short career. By now, most people consider her as one of the top performers/musicians from this past decade, so it will be very exciting for her to really cement her status as one of the best.

Beyonce also has a long list of hit songs that can really keep a 10-15 Halftime performance exciting, not to mention plenty of guest performers she can bring with her. Can you imagine a Jay-Z collabo to “Crazy in Love” or Lady GaGa appearance for “Telephone?!” My voice rises a few octaves just thinking about the possibility!

Anyway, in honor of her upcoming performance I wanted to “Countdown” a list of 10 Beyonce songs that would be awesome to see her perform! Post in the comments to let me know which songs you’d like to see B dominate on stage.

10. Countdown

“Countdown” is one of Beyonce’s more recent songs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of being up alongside her more well-known hits. It’s fun and upbeat and really damn catchy! Plus the choreography in the video is pretty cool, and I can totally see her taking this song to a large stage with some killer moves. It’s definitely sure to get people pumped up and show off that sassiness that is classic B.

9. Get Me Bodied

Okay, this song speaks for itself. LIKE FOR REAL. Every single time I hear this song I can’t help but be infected with an irresistible urge to shake my body uncontrollably. It’s so freakin’ good!!! So good that Michelle Obama used a variation of this song for her national healthy eating and exercise campaign. If the First Lady is behind it then you know it’s gotta be THAT good.

8. Telephone

“Telephone” isn’t exactly Beyonce’s song, but she pretty much steals the show. Plus adding Lady GaGa to the Halftime Show would just make the crowd and viewers go wild. Not to mention the song itself is really a modern pop classic. I can just see the two on stage in American flag outfits, like the ones in the music video, dancing to the chorus of this song and having everyone singing and dancing along with them.

7. Sweet Dreams

“Sweet Dreams” is an odd Beyonce song. It’s a little dark, yet is still upbeat that you can dance along to it. It’s also very pop, which isn’t that common for her. Regardless, it’s one of my personal favorites and could be a cool song to bring a little bit of a break amongst all the crazy party-starters she’s sure to perform.

6. Independent Women Part I

How cool would it be if Destiny’s Child reunited on stage for the show and to THIS song? This is probably the standard for any female empowerment anthem, and fun to sing after you and your roommate have just finished paying your first month’s apartment rent, paying your Internet bill and taking out the trash! It really “ain’t easy being independent.”

5. Naughty Girl

I’d forgotten how good this song (and video) are until I saw it played at a club I was helping out at last weekend. It’s sultry and upbeat and sure to get people hooked on watching Beyonce flaunt her stuff and w3rk it. Mhmmm

4. Irreplaceable

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who DOESN’T like this song. And if I ever do, I will be very sad. “Irreplaceable” is not just a stellar Beyonce song, but it’s one of the best songs from the 2000s in pop music. Spending a bajillion weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 and getting everyone to chant “To the left, to the left,” this was the song to sing after a high school breakup or just anytime you needed a lift me up. I can totally see her ending the show with this track in a majorly epic way, but it’d probably be a little more exciting to go with one of her more celebratory jams.

3. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

If anyone wrote Beyonce off after being MIA since “Irreplaceable,” she gave a big slap in the face to every naysayer with “Single Ladies.” This pretty much ranks as one of, if not, THE best song of her career, helped in a huge way by the iconic music video that had everyone and their grandmother creating spoof videos. Really, all she has to do is come on stage and do this single song with the exact same choreography from the video and everyone can go home and call it the best Halftime Show in history. Yep.

2. Halo

Like “Irreplaceable,” “Halo” ranks as one of B’s best ballads. It’s one of those songs that appeals to all demographics and can bring people together in musical harmony. Also, it’s one of those songs that pretty much only Beyonce can pull off. Have you guys ever tried karaoking to this song? It’s freakin’ impossible!

1. Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z)

Really, do I have to say anything else? This has to be a sure guarantee for the show.


I hope this list of songs has gotten you all a little excited about seeing Beyonce perform next year. Again, post in the comments if you think I missed any song she should perform!

– Jose V.




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