Fashion Tip: Making the Old New

Iconic trends always seem to find their way back to the runway. There has been a handful of times when I have heard my mom say ” we used to wear those  back in my day” and I think yeah right! As if some of today’s hottest trends could have been worn a million years ago, well maybe not a million years ago, but decades ago. To my disbelief my mom was right. Many of the hottest trends from recent season have emerged from the fashion archives. Recall, a couple years ago bell bottom jeans and flared pants were making a come back. More recently, high wasted bottoms have been spotted on the the trendiest of fashionistas and on everyday girls like myself. Fashion designer Yoko Sakai showed his resort collection, centered around the sixties and seventies, earlier this month at Tokyo Fashion Week.

Fashion Tip of the week: Time travel back to eras past, take a page out of that time and bring it back- fool proof plan for becoming a fashion trend setter of your time!

Sixties and Seventies Inspired Runway Outfit by Yoko Sakai

Beth Shephard


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