Bridge School Benefit

ATTENTION ALL FRESHMEN (and sophomores, and juniors, and seniors)!

I am speaking to you all as someone who learned their lesson their freshmen year. I became too comfortable with my little bubble on campus that I never left it to explore the fantastic attractions around this little puddle we seem to be situated. So I urge you all to drop your textbooks and study guides and pick up your bus pass and explore!…but actually. And the first thing I suggest to you is the more than epically exciting Bridge School Benefit put on by THE Neil Young.

The Bridge School is a non-profit organization for children with severe speech and physical impairments. This school brings opportunities to disabled children while using innovative teaching techniques. Started by Neil Young and his wife, Pegi, the decided to arrange an annual, all acoustic concert to raise money for their cause.


Not only does Neil Young himself invite ten or so spectacular artists, but he plays duets with each one. Where else can you hear renowned rock legend Neil Young with Foster the People or …Sarah McLachlan (Heart of Gold meets I Will Remember You? I’m open to anything)? Answer: No where. This years line-up no doubt has a 90s ish theme to it with iconic bands like Guns n Roses and The Flaming Lips topping the list, but that does NOT mean it will be any less exciting or ground breaking. And I know I’m excited for the Jack White-Steve Martin medley, two wild and crazy guys if you ask me.

But in all seriousness, use every form of public transportation available to you to get yourself over to Mountain View, CA (next to that one school we don’t like to mention) this Saturday AND Sunday October 20th and 21st to enjoy a day time concert that will be unforgettably sick.

tickets are still available whhaaa???




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