The Anthology Dilemma


I admire people who make television shows. I admire the writers, producers, directors, designers, actors, and crew. They’re all integral. When they produce a stunning season that people rave about it must be incredibly satisfying. I can imagine that feeling is tempered by the fact that the next season then has to match or eclipse the first in quality to guarantee a third. For anthology shows this can be so scary that they nix the idea of being an anthology when the first season does well.

Heroes is a classic example. The first season did so well, they scrapped the original plans to use entirely new characters and areas for each season. I don’t know about you, but watching past the second season of the show didn’t happen for me. The shows that are gutsy enough to go a new direction with each new season, to push different character arcs, ideas, etc. Those are the few, the proud, the original.

What is the modern miracle—who has the balls to do it after being successful? Let American Horror Story enter the ring. From ghosts in a creepy house so terrifying that the only way I can watch is in broad daylight with one of my roommates home, to the possibly even creepier setting of the series’ second season. This season is set in an asylum, and I can’t wait to see where it’s going to go. I personally can’t wait to see Adam Levine act, and if Murphy gets nervous about a completely new cast of characters I have a clever idea for him: just use your old characters from other shows. To be frank, everyone in Nip/Tuck should probably have been incarcerated and I wouldn’t mind seeing a certain Glee couple (Oh wait…) thrown in to boot.

Suffice it to say that I’m excited to see where this goes. Here’s to hoping it’s as scary, weird, and classic Ryan Murphy as the first series. Don’t miss the season premiere tonight, and be sure to let me know what’s up since I’ll be enjoying it with my eyes shut.


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