Studying Playlist!


Studying is so dull. Sitting and reading for hours on end, reading the same line over and over and over and not really learning anything. Let’s liven it up!


Now something I’ve noticed about listening to music while studying is that whenever there is a song with words in it, it’s really hard to multi-task reading and listening. That’s why the studying playlist has little to no lyrics making it that much easier to actually get past that one line that you’ve been stuck on for 45 minutes!


So take this playlist on a test drive. Otherwise it’ll be you, your book and that really uncomfortable study silence that we all hate.


John Talabot- Last Land

Shigeto- So So Lovely

Jacques Greene- Arrow

Joris Delacroix- Air France

Gold Panda- Marriage (Baths Remix)

Wild Nothing- Drifter

Marek Hemmann- Gemini

Flying Lotus- Do the Astral Plane

The XX- VCR (Four Tet Remix)

Bonobo- Ghost Ship


-Avi Salom


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