D-J POP: Britney meaner than mean?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about Britney Spears before, but if you’re a 90’s baby, you most definitely had to be affected by Brit and her pop singles to some extent. I mean it was just the times, when we have kids of our own we’ll probably talk about Britney the way my older sister talks about Madonna, or the way my not so young father talks about Dean Martin, or the way my mother talks about the Beatles, you get my point.

But about ten years later, I don’t think about pop princess and her “slave 4 u” dance movements when I see or hear from her. It’s more like a collection of memories, you know, bald head, “baby daddy” drama, Madonna and their make-out session at the MTV music awards, oh and of course her promise to stay a virgin until marriage (which miserably failed).

Although Britney grew up with us and we grew up with Britney there is no doubt, America’s sweetheart made some poor choices along her career. But oh well she was young and famous, it happens right? Then there was those terrible couple of years where the press just devoured her and Britney went insane. Remember those? Though many turned their back on Brit I kind of stood by her, I thought, you know she’s a human being, famous young girl, paparazzi’s should really give her a break. Though I’ve never really been the kind of girl that turns into some fanatic freak over pop stars, it would be hypocritical of me to say that Britney Spears wasn’t one of my favorite artist in middle school, I had a soft spot for her and kind of always defended her a little, despite her craziness and just Britney Spears-ishness she piled up over the years.

Well I have continued to feel this way about Britney for years and nothing had made it change. I was happy to see her back in the scene and you know had that kind of “good for her” deal going on (though I have always hated how expensive her concerts are I mean it’s pretty ridiculous).

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I saw Britney Spears be a judge in the X FACTOR that this completely changed. Britney has never really done shows like this in the past and this is something we haven’t had with Britney before, the ability to see her week to week and interacting with her in a more humane non- performance geared way and she has completely failed; at least in my opinion.

This is the deal; Britney is a complete B to the H when she judges people. Though this mostly only applies to the audition part of the show.

I mean I think she’s completely mean! Ok I can take the assholeness from Simon, whatever, we all know what he’s about, but Brit I expected more from you. I just expected you to be more… humane.  There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth to an aspiring singer who has no future in the music industry but it’s another thing to destroy people’s life on national TV I mean common’ Brit. REALITY CHECK: you are NOT that talented yourself.  Britney is a branded artist who strived from the corporate explosion of her image, yes she was beautiful, yes she could dance (when she was younger) and yes she can sing a decently, but does her talent really justify her fame?

Singers like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Adele are artist which have unique vocal and physical gifts that are perhaps unique but this is not the case for Brit. So then Britney Spears why are you soo mean? I mean I don’t get it!

This all came to mind when I saw Britney’s vomit-like facial expressions on the X factor and then later ran into dear Christina Aguilera on the voice and I realized the way in which Christina spoke to young people is so much more classy, respectful and worthy of national TV. I went back to the days when there was a complete rivalry between X-tina and Brit and I remember I used to be on Brit’s Team. Despite the fact that Brit beat Christina in popularity back in the day, there is no doubt that Christina has maintained herself, despite her “dirty days” face, which she was highly criticized for, I would dare to see that despite her dirty video Christina has maintained her personal life way more steady and cleaner than Britney.

Ok, So Christina forgot the national anthem one time, she is divorced, and she did get pretty dirty on her videos back in the day, but she actually was never involved in bad rumors about her personal life, at least not nearly enough as Brit.

Maybe this is just a show and Britney is scripted and I’m taking it to far, I don’t know, but whatever it is. I think that Spears has obviously lost the battle of sweetness and hopefully some fans because I don’t understand how one of the biggest pop stars of all time can be so mean to an auditioning fan, who yes, destroyed her song “circus” but nonetheless was a fan and deserved better than a puke-looking face of disgust, because quite frankly Brit you’ve gotten pretty messy yourself and America has forgiven you.

On the other hand thank you Christina for showing us that pop starts can have hearts and real talent and still talk to people like they are fans.

What do you guys think?



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