Decompression 2012

Last Sunday night I ventured into the depths of San Francisco to attend the 13th annual Burning Man Decompression Faire.

I’ve never been to Burning Man, but i’ve heard many stories about the wild world that I saw spill out onto the Streets in SF. I expected to see the men in strange steam punk top hats and women spitting fire and dancing with hula hoops. I didn’t expect to get pulled into a school bus crammed with around 40 people dancing to a DJ named “Killer Prostitute” but that’s just how things played out.

This all-day festival included art installations, lights and music that I had never experienced before. I’ve heard about the mini world that Burning Man attendees construct in the desert, this festival brought that aspect to the city with homes inside of trucks and L.E.D. light cities.

Overall, it was an awesome time. When festival goers weren’t busy adjusting their goggles or sipping out of their mysterious Camel baks, they were dancing and having fun.

Burners know how to party.

-Avi Salom


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