DJ Pop: Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey: American Idol Auditions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or been swamped in midterms, you’ve probably heard about the leaked video by TMZ (what would we do without them?) of Nicki Minaj bitching out Mariah Carey at the Idol judge’s table during some contestant auditions in Charlotte, NC.

Apparently the outburst from Nicki was sparked when the two newly instated judges disagreed over a contestant’s performance. The video shows Minaj rampaging and spewing out remarks such as, “I told them I’m not fucking putting up with her fucking highness over there,” and “If you have a fucking problem handle it.” Meanwhile, Mariah does her best to tell Nicki to get “Up Out [Her] Face” by asking to the masses, “whyyyyyyyyy do I have to be sitting next to a 3-yeard old?” Randy Jackson tries calming Nicki down to no avail. And Keith Urban quietly sips his Coke in between the feuding divas.

At first I was shocked to hear there was footage/evidence of the two women actually fighting. There have been rumors since both were announced as judges for the new American Idol season that they hadn’t been getting along, but of course, in typical Hollywood fashion, Ryan Seacrest and AI producers shut down those rumors quick. Now the cat seems to be out of the bag and contrary to what we’ve been told, it appears the two H.A.T.E. each other.

After sitting around and soaking the awesomeness of the video and reading all the reports online, this feud doesn’t look like it’s going to die down. Just a day after the leak, Barbara Walters announced on The View she’d just spoken with her BBF Mariah by phone earlier in the morning and Mimi had told her she just hired more security guards to protect her from madwoman Minaj.

Nicki then went and posted several Tweets laughing off the claims that she threatened to kill Mariah and shoot her with a gun and blamed the accusations on the fact that she’s a black rapper and that Mariah is dealing with a major case of insecurity. Minaj also disputed earlier remarks by Walters that she’d been reached for comment by Walters’ people. Then Barbara commented she and her people had indeed asked to speak with Nicki. All this back and forth makes me feel like I’m caught up in a middle-school drama sesh. Point is, there’s just a lot of drama.

While I’ve been enjoying this craycray showdown I can’t help wonder, along with many others, whether this is all one big ploy by Idol producers to amp up ratings and buzz around the forthcoming season of their struggling singing competition. The last time I heard American Idol mentioned before this feud was when my boss at my old internship for FOX-affiliate news station KTVU told me the highest amount of viewers for the show were parents and middle to older-aged adults. Yikes. It certainly would seem the show, with other singing competition programs like “The Voice” and “X Factor,” needs all the publicity it can get!

I’m totally fine and dandy with Idol producers fabricating this whole altercation as a ratings ploy. At the end of the day, you have to realize it does make for some highly entertaining television and will get people talking. My only problem is I feel I haven’t seen enough of Mariah fighting back and defending herself. Does Nicki Minaj realize who she’s talking to?! Mariah’s career can do cartwheels around Minaj’s paltry resume. No one messes with MC. MC just needs to fire back and really shut Minaj up. Cue the cat claws.

– Jose Vera

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