What’s Going on in the World of Fashion?

It’s the time of the year when fashion weeks are happening all across the globe from San Francisco to Paris. If you are like me you like fashion but find it hard to keep up with the seasons trends and hottest designers.  Recently, I created a Tumblr where I follow fashion sites such as womensweardaily (wwd.com) and big time fashion peeps like Rachel Zoe. Thanks to Tumblr I know some of what’s in this season!

One of the major trends of the season is vibrant colors and patters. Many designers ranging from, Lisa Perry to Diane Von Furstenberg to Naeem Khan, just to name a few, are using bold blocks of color on simple yet chic silhouettes to make their collections come alive.


Left, Lisa Perry Spring 2013 Right, Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2013

Most of us college students can’t afford these designer duds but luckily stores such as the awesome and ever so popular Urban Outfitters offers great alternatives to these designers pieces for us fashionably conscious college students!



Great Dress from Urban Outfitters for under $50!

-Beth Shephard

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