From Gleeful to Tearful: Ryan Murphy’s Ultimate Love Story

There is nothing that makes me more upset than two people who love each other breaking up, except for two fictional characters who love each other breaking up. I have many favorite couples on television, from Matthew and Mary Crawley to Barney Stinson and suits—but one of the standouts is the ever charming, incredibly stereotypical Kurt and Blaine.

Despite the ludicrous nature of Glee, the two warm my heart. I love them together not just because of the obvious reasons–attractive talented actors singing Katy Perry and Pink songs to one another; but also because of the effect they’ve had on their viewers and fans. Parents of queer individuals have been moved by their story, children allowed to watch the show have developed crushes on one or the other characters without there being any negative connotation to their homosexuality.

Due to the hints that have been occurring both on and off air this season, I have the feeling all of the adorableness that is Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is about to end. I postulate this with near certainty because Darren Criss (i.e. Blaine) flies to New York, and is singing his own arrangement of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream on the show this week while practically sobbing. Kurt looks awkward, upset and (dare I say it) bored. Probably not a good sign for your relationship… Maybe try something a little peppier next time. No, but in all seriousness, I am actually emotionally distressed about this break up. I cried when I saw the preview. What do you mean I’m too emotional—I just really love Glee okay?

I hate to admit it, but I think that if (when) they break up, it is the correct decision. The characters need to have depth on their own again, and I miss liking Blaine’s character, as instead we have received a caricature dressed in little boys clothing who seems to have little dimension outside of his boyfriend. Kurt, an extremely ambitious and individual character at the beginning of Glee, has also shrunk into a somewhat one dimensional character as well. It’s depressing, and I’m over it. I want my bright, effervescent characters back.

So ladies and gentleman, while I will sit sobbing into my Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy tonight, I will still stand by Glee’s decision to cause my tear ducts to work overtime this evening.



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