Mumford and Sons Review

So I KNOW I wasn’t the only person desperately awaiting Mumford and Sons second album. The first one, Sign No More, is the reason alone I fell in love with the sound of violins, foot-stomping folk music, and (obviously) the sound of Marcus Mumford’s heart-wrenchingly passionate cries. So lets just say I was just a little disappointed when their new album, Babel didn’t give me all of that and more. Yes, Mumford and Sons fell victim to the curse of the second album.

So the new album Babel wasn’t a complete bust in my opinion, but as is common with a new band’s second album there were high expectations and a lot more rules to follow that can only lead to an anti-climactic release. Those I-just-got-goose-bumps yells from the lead singer and the uninhibited string instrument jam sessions are fewer than I’d like, and the only way I can think to explain this is using the band’s own words, pulled straight from their track Nothing is Written, when Marcus Mumford said “use my head alongside my heart”. That’s just it. They didn’t put enough heart into the album, and it came across through my headphones.

There are some songs to check out though. I Will Wait reminds me a little of their first single Little Lion Man, with fast paced banjo solos. And Broken Crown is filled with the raw emotion that makes bands great (speaking of great bands, the cover of The Boxer with Mr. Paul Simon himself isn’t half bad, but I’m bias). But if you’re looking for a song that strongly resembles the greatness of Sigh No More check out the title track for that great voice-crackling call that makes me swoon.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. The new Mumford album, Babel, is still great, just not as great as I was expecting. This band still holds true to its humble indie-folk roots that I believe everyone should check out, and then go promptly buy some 19th Century British vests à la Mumford.

Madeline (Mumford? maybe some day)


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