As an international student, moving from the Philippines to Berkeley, there were few changes I welcomed more than a permanent US Shipping address. Personally, I believe that there is nothing that can quite replicate the thrill of the online shopping experience. From the faint excitement browsing through pages of newly added dresses to the satisfaction after promptly receiving an order confirmation email — it is somehow simultaneously deeply comforting and  endlessly exciting.
A few months ago, my roommate (who shares the same fanatic views about online shopping) introduced me to turns fashion retail model upside down completely. New arrivals on are always on sale. In the first week of an item’s posting, it is invariably 30 percent off, after which, it returns to full price (and yes, I checked, this actually does happen and is not merely some clever marketing ploy). Admittedly, I liked this premise more than the site’s actual merchandise. However, that’s not to say that there weren’t some very cute and well priced dresses and tops. But just remember to stick to the tops and dresses as the denim selection was over-priced and unimpressive.

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