D-J POP: Hollywood finds a new rebel!

Twenty-six year old actress, Rebel Wilson, is a new comedian in the Hollywood scene.  She had her first debut in American film when she played the small but hilarious role of Judd in the movie Bridesmaids.


photo from imdb.com

Wilson was also recently featured in the new film “Pitch Perfect”, which stars actresses like Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks. Although Rebel is a supporting actress in this film her performance definitely outshined the pretty girls with perfect hair in this movie. Wilson was more than just the life of the party, she proved she can sing and definitely brings a lot to the table.

Wilson is currently working in post-production for a few films and has built her reputation through more film appearances in the US and Australia.

There is no doubt that Rebel will soon be featured in comedic Hollywood projects. The Australian woman brings a sort of new feminist humor Hollywood could certainly use.

 Although I must say that I am disappointed in the stereotypical portrayals of the film Pitch Perfect, where Wilson played the role of “Fat Amy”, the movie was generally stereotypical and often merged groups through ethnic stereotypes, I did enjoy how she does represent the opposite of what usually is portrayed in film while being really confident.

Of course Fat Amy is only a character but I do believe that it is Rebel Wilson’s personality that made it shine. Despite the awful name of the character she played, there was nothing that made me think of her as a fat girl. I rather thought about her as the cool girl who was awesome, and whom I often found myself trying to see more of than the leads.

 I can’t wait to see more of Rebel in film and TV. Keep your ears perked and your eyes open because I can tell this girl has a bright future ahead.




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