“Until the Quiet Comes” FlyLo’s Follow Up

Do you like galactic vibes? Do you like listening to lullabies that won’t put you to sleep? Do you want to be “taken to a place where you can spread your wings and fly away”?

No, I’m not talking about drugs.


Steven Ellison AKA Flying Lotus is releasing his newest album Until the Quiet Comes on October 2, and trust me, it takes you places.

Right now you can listen to the entire album streaming on NPR with just enough time to get familiar with his combo of spaceship hip-hop beats before his show at the Fox Theater on October 25th.


Make sure you listen to the album with a good set of headphones or decent speaker system to catch every bass line and beat that FlyLo is known for. Tracks like Heave(n) involve so much layering that it feels like a orchestrated ride through a wormhole.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to be taken to a world where you can spread your wings and fly away, then check out DMT song, it’s almost like a 50’s melodic version of a spoken word poem.

Let’s talk sass, which Erykah Badu has plenty of and proves it featured on the track See Thru to U (Why the txt lingo? I don’t know). It’s jazzy, it’s trippy and it’s easy to get lost in, just like a good Sci-fi novel.

Tickets to the Fox show are only $25, which I would highly recommend purchasing before they sell out, you’re guaranteed a ride through space!

Also, check out this video inspired by Until the Quiet Comes

-Avi Salom


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