Modern Family Season 4 Premiere!

Last night, season 4 of television’s best comedy show premiered. It picked up right where it left off at the end of last season. Gloria struggles to to break the news of her pregnancy to Jay on his 65th birthday. Manny, who finds out that he’s going to be an older brother, feels threatened. Cam and Mitch try to deal with the failed adoption of another baby by desperately convincing each other that they’re happy and try to adopt a kitten for Lily (unsuccessfully, of course). Claire gloats that Gloria is “going to get fat” and also “nurses” Haley’s hangover after prom. Phil and Jay’s friends kidnap Jay to take him fishing, which makes Jay realize that there is still life left in him. Therefore, when he finally finds out that Gloria is pregnant, he is overjoyed.

The season premiere was sweet and reminds us of why Modern Family has won the Best Comedy Emmy for three years in a row now. Although this particular episode wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny, it still helped us re-enter the lives of these characters through humorous, relatable situations.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

–Regina Kim


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