DJ Pop: Zac Efron Covers “Blackbook”

If the new images of Blackbook magazine’s latest cover boy aren’t enough to make your starry-eyed emoticon pop up then we probably can’t be friends. I seriously flipped the s*&^%$! and went into a furor when I heard about/saw (mostly saw) Zac Efron being on the cover for the October/November issue of this magazine I never knew existed until Zac arrived.

Efron’s promoting his new film, “The Paperboy,” but the article (which I read in part online) thankfully focuses on other topics besides the film. The most popular quote from the piece that’s floating around the ‘net is when Zac reflects about his body of work and states,

As a man watching Zac Efron I don’t necessarily like me yet… Maybe, if that guy shook things up, did what I didn’t expect him to do, if he wasn’t afraid to be a dick, if he wasn’t afraid to fall on his face, if he hung around long enough and did the grunt work, one day I might respect him.

This is a pretty insightful and self-conscious remark from any human being, let alone a mainstream actor. You can almost feel a realness and self-awareness about this guy. Most actors often come off like they’re living on distant planets and have no clue what the media and public are saying about them. Or they try and avoid discussing anything personal or disappointing in their careers. Zac acknowledges his need to improve in either his film choices, his acting abilities or whatever else he may be referring to, and comes off that much more likable by doing so. Needless to say, I’m an even bigger fan.

Another interesting aspect of the article are the images themselves. I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was (and it is brilliant), but someone decided to have Zac pose with a random assortment of animals, including the rabbits in the featured picture, a red-tailed hawk, a snake and a gray fox. Sure, Zac has done and will continue to do various magazine photoshoots and interviews (such as Men’s Health earlier this year), but looking hawt next to a bunch of furry and exotic creatures definitely adds an extra factor of intrigue and fangirling.

In my haste to get my hands on this issue I frantically went to a corner book store after work yesterday only to find the edition in stores featured the less attractive (sorry, TwiHards) Rob Pattinson. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer ’till I can add this next to the Men’s Health issue of him on my bookshelf.

– Jose Vera


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