Live At The Purple Onion Closing

Last night marked the last headlining show at the historic Purple Onion comedy club in the Financial District of San Francisco. The 60 year run of the city’s underground landmark is coming to a close with everything to be auctioned off tomorrow (Sept. 25) and the building to be sold off. The venue may have been small but the crowd sure was supportive: making sure to boo when they announced the closing and laugh at every joke (which was definitely aided by the drinks flowing). The comedic talent that marched onto the stage last night was in good company from the Onion’s impressive alumni including Woody Allen and Zack Galifianakis. But few disappointments came from the lineup last night, which included a dirty mouthed 79-year-old Lynn Ruth Miller who got her start on Britain’s Got Talent, and whose age became the main subject of her act, ruthlessly poking fun at her own eminent demise (which she found hilariously real); and Berkeley’s own Sam Hausman, who started his standup career at The Purple Onion three years ago. After talking to the host of the show, Tony Sparks, who shamelessly made fun of the crowd but received many laughs himself, he made sure to let me know that Jabari Davis, the long-time producer of these shows, has new projects coming out that “he can’t talk about at the moment” but should be “huge”. So if you are looking for some no-subject-is-off-limits comedy be sure to keep your eyes out for Davis’ name in the future or go to the final show at San Francisco’s own Purple Onion, tonight at 8 pm.


Sam Hausman at his last Purple Onion show


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