On the Next America’s Next Top Model

So this week on ANTM: British Invasion, Tyra’s new experiment in developing nationalistic antipathy between England and the United States, they once again made painfully clear right away who was going home.  If you’ve watched every cycle of this show out of a bizarre fascination with Ms. Banks’ seemingly bottomless narcissism and her ability to turn every individual’s story into a story about herself, then surely you’ve picked up on how to figure this out.  The one who talks about their emotions the first time you see them, when no one else is-they’re definitely on the chopping block.  And so when Kyle (aka “Next Doorsia”) started talking about how close she is with another contestant and how she’s not going home-you know she’s going home.  Bye bye Kyle, I hope you really do have “smiles for miles,” as your ANTM music video says- its a long trip home.

With the forgone conclusion of Next Doorsia’s departure, the teaser for next week’s episode, with a photo challenge involving sartorial concoctions made from Hello Kitty merchandise, offered this surprisingly concise visual thesis on the division of labor in the world of modeling:

Notice the cargo shorts, ratty t-shirt and lackadaisical body language of the guy holding the light.  Now look at the model, wearing a dress made out of Hello Kitty lunch boxes.  Show me love.



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