Aguilera shows no love for Bieber, and gives him the cold shoulder instead on The Voice.

Though Kelly Osbourne may hate Christina Aguilera for calling her fat years ago (and maybe some other things, either way get over it Kelly), I think that hot mess Xtina just earned some cool points on last night’s episode of The Voice.

When Justin Bieber came by the judges’ chairs, you could see that as he got to Christina, she quarter-heartedly reached out her hand.  She made no effort to get up or lean forward, but he moved in further anyways, and she turned her head as he forced a pathetic imitation of a hug and cheek to cheek smooch.  She was clearly not interested in investing any energy in this charade.  As he moved on she gave him a most unmistakable stink-eye, looking thoroughly NOT pleased.  We do not know exactly why, but it was hard to miss the shockingly deadly disgust written on her face.

When the last episode of the show plugged an appearance by the odiously overhyped little horndog Justin Bieber on the results show, I was wondering what Aguilera would do when forced to interact with him.  I imagined something would go down since Aguilera is a vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights, who earned eternal love from the community for the song “Beautiful,” and its music video (specifically for its visual and thematic recognition of the struggles of the LGBTQ community).  As someone who used her star power to show images of men kissing in closeup and transvestite performers as connected by their ostracism to other marginalized people, she is light years apart from the teenage pop sensation Bieber.  JB gave an interview to Rolling Stone recently stating that being gay is a choice (as opposed to something innate, though he admits it’s nobody else’s business).  Unfortunately he complicates this issue of choice further by moralizing about women who believe in the right to choose, stating that abortion is wrong (“I don’t really believe in it” because it “is like killing a baby”), even in pregnancies caused by rape (because “everything happens for a reason”).  Granted, this is the opinion of a barely educated, semi-talented teenager, cloistered within his own fame, who has shamelessly and creepily made consistent sexual advances on women 20 years older than him (I’m lookin at you Chelsea Handler) since he became a star (whether for laughs or for real, it was not cute).  Though I realize his education consists of an hour with a tutor whenever he can squeeze it in (no pun intended) and his music makes my ears bleed, his opinion reaches millions of impressionable fans.  Was Christina merely offended by his statements?  Is there some other drama going on between them?  Let’s hope all the social media attention and blogosphere speculation leads to some clarification from the Divine Miss X.  Now excuse me while I cry listening to “Beautiful” for the millionth time.

Sealed with a kiss,




4 responses to “Aguilera shows no love for Bieber, and gives him the cold shoulder instead on The Voice.

  1. Samir who are you and why are you so overly opinionated on topics that you think you have a clear understanding of?

    • “who are you ?”

      I’m a person with an opinion and a platform to share that opinion.

      “why are you so overly opinionated on topics that you think you have a clear understanding of”

      Because that’s the glory of a free society- we are all allowed to possess and express our opinions. Regardless of whether we agree with each other or not.

      Thank you for sharing yours.


  2. You’re wasting far too much energy in the candy aisle. Whether or not Ms. Hot Tamale is miffed at Bazooka Joe is pretty inconsequential.

    • Ha, I like the way you put that (but Bazooka Joe? Who breaks their teeth on that gum anymore?).

      I genuinely want to know what went down there. Did she know the cameras were on her at that moment? Why was she so visibly ticked off? Was it just her threatened ego? If it was his comments in Rolling Stone that irked her, why? It’s odd when a celebrity disregards the PR requirements of their job. I think her reaction suggests that there’s a much more interesting story lurking beneath the candy coating. Plus, I don’t think Justin Bieber’s offensive statements should fly under the radar just because he’s a star, do you?

      As always, your opinions are most important to me so keep sharing them! – Samir

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