Bay Area’s Doe Eye is off to the Billboard Battle of the Bands!

Our very own Bay Area native Doe Eye who was interviewed by Cal TV this past February, was nominated by as one of three semi-finalists to represent the West Coast in the battle of the bands, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 18th.  

For weeks Doe Eye and her followers utilized social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to encourage friends and fans to support her nomination by voting on

Turns out wishes can come true! With only eight months since the release of her EP titled Run Run Run, which features four singles, Doe Eye was selected as the finalist to represent the entire West Coast at the Battle of the Bands.

On Tuesday, Doe Eye was stocked to make the announcement through her official Facebook page, she posted: “WEST COAST I LOVE YOU I AM A FINALIST IN THE BILLBOARD BATTLE OF THE BANDS THANKS TO YOUR VOTES. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN MAY, ME AND MY BAND WILL BE HEADING TO VEGAS – REPRESENTING THE WEST COAST!! OWW OWWW!!!!!” 

During the battle of the bands Doe Eye will be competing against five other bands that are representing their side of the US (East Coast, Midwest, etc).  The big price these artists will be competing against is the opportunity to perform in the 2012 Billboard Music Awards being held on May 20th, 2012.  

Doe Eye’s rapid success is unheard of, the new artist has also gained an immense group of fans from around the world that are willing to support her with more than just Facebook likes. In the month of March, Doe Eye commenced a Kickstarter project, in which through a quirky and sweet home made video she requested donations from fans and friends to help produce her new album and music video. The goal for her project was that of $5000, towards the end of the month Doe Eye’s fans and supporters surpass her ultimate goal by  $605, leaving the artist with 5,605 free dollars to work on her upcoming projects.

Doe Eye continues her higher education at Berklee College of Music in Boston; while also touring and working on her upcoming album scheduled to released in September of 2012.

This girl is obviously someone to stay in tune with! CalTV congrats Doe Eye in her accomplishments and is proud to have her as a Bay Area Artist.

Here is the link to our recent interview with Doe Eye, where she still had no clue this would all be happening! 

To find out about Doe Eye you can visit her website

 Diana Vergara.


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