Lil Twist & Tyga come to Bay

On Thursday, March 29th the bay received Lil Twist, YG and Tyga for a showcase of some hot up and coming talent in rap/hip-hop music.  The show opened with Lil Twist, an artist “in the making” (under the wing of Lil Wayne) who is currently working on his soon-to-drop album Don’t Get it Twisted (4/17), which will include collaborations with A-list artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Judging by his performance that night he will definitely make a big blip on the radar soon. Following his introduction Lil’ Twist entered the stage and got the party started. His playful energy got the crowd amped for the rest of the evening. From the beginning to end of his set, Lil twist jumped around stage and made sure to interact with the audience.Very few times do opening performers get crowds going so soon, I must admit Lil Twist did that very well. He’s got that young heart-breaker swag combined with an unmistakable air of triple confidence. 

Perhaps working with rappers such as Bow Wow and Busta Rhymes have 

taught Lil Twist how to work it for the ladies, who all knew the words to each of his songs. Girls were screaming whenever he moved his hips and reached down to touch their hands.  His female fans had even lined up at the venue as early as four o’clock to get a view right up at the front of the stage.

Following his performance was YG, who threw hundreds of swisher boxes to the crowd during his set, and then Tyga, the performer of “Rap City”. Tyga’s stage scenery was very well done and his performance was excellent, but out of all the performers I enjoyed Lil Twist the most.  I mean really. His stage presence was more than impressive, especially for an eighteen-year-old rapper. It will be fun to see him headline in the future.

It’s a bummer that Tyga did not allow any close-up photos of his performance, especially because his scenery was amazing for such a small venue.  (We still got a couple shots of it from afar). But we still love Tyga! And the crowd was not disappointed, judging by fan tweets saying “Tyga killed it tonight”. San Francisco’s Warfield full house remained until the curtain fell.

Check out our shots from the show and gives some feedback!  What do you think, Lil’ Twist might surpass his pal Justin Bieber soon?

Diana Vergara! 

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Photos by Diana Vergara


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