The many “[Somebodies] That [You] Used to Know”

Thank God for awesome roommates and other friends who get bored at work and spend all day on Facebook.  Today a gem (she’s truly outrageous) of a friend shared this with me, and I melted faster than the Wicked Witch of the West in a rainstorm.  It’s a video of the so delicious he was created by Satan Matthew Bomer (a gay actor popular as the dapper criminal on USA’s White Collar) and the equally delicious San Francisco-native Darren Criss performing a modified duet of Gotye’s insanely popular hit “Somebody That I Used to Know” on the upcoming episode of Glee.  Side note-If you’ve been asking “when the hell is Glee coming back?” the answer is 4/10/12, and I’m assuming Quinn lives since the opposite case scenario probably wouldn’t result in them returning to school so casually.

Bomer and Criss are surprisingly good together on this tune, and manage to rework it into an obvious damaged brother-brother relationship, which preliminary interviews with Bomer have confirmed is going to be his role- as Blaine’s older brother, an actor with a career on the fritz.  Here’s hoping MB will have a superfluous shirtless scene.

Glee has caught onto a trend of Gotye covers that have spawned so frequently (and disturbingly quicksilver) that the covers have now mutated into meta-parodies within a matter of months (surely the mating season of culture cannibals is longer than this?).

I felt like tracing this backwards from the most recent through the cover trend to it’s original source, just to have them all in one place.

So let’s start with the parody of the cover version that became a viral hit in it’s own right (where all the instrumentation of the cover is played on different parts of one guitar).  This is the best parody I’ve seen yet (and I watched a bunch because I am totally obsessed with this song like a billion other people).  It humorously breaks down each of the unique elements of the famous cover (thanks to yet another friend’s fb recommendation for this one) and rewrites the lyrics to comment on it.

That parody played off of this “original cover” (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) by Walk of the Earth, which they turned into a music video that recreates their concept visually in one static shot.

Of course Gotye must be praised for having created a song that resonates so strongly that it can inspire so many to hear something piercingly personal enough to make them want to sing it and record it as well.  Kudos Gotye.

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