Mondo wins PR All Stars: P.S. I hate you Project Runway All Stars and please don’t come back.

I know I will probably take a lot of flack for this, but I think the judges on Project Runway All Stars (especially the odious Tommy Hilfiger as guest judge) made a horrible mistake in awarding Mondo the prize.  I can’t stand Mondo anymore.  I no longer have any reason to let his s(n)ob story excuse his many character flaws and his lack of charisma or an interesting personality.  His snotty entitled attitude, the whiny self-absorption, his thinking that determines him the most deserving of winning because he deserves it, and the judges’ infatuation with him even when he produces garbage has really fostered a sense of hatred that I can’t logically justify, but nonetheless cannot yet let go of.  Perhaps it’s because he’s been peddling the same schtick with no major innovation or progression since the last time we saw him, and that he copied an old look in his “new” collection nearly verbatim, and that his mix of prints is vastly overrated (his Nanette Lepore dress looks like the kind of crap that fashion directors and buyers tell us we should want, but winds up marked down to $20 on a Marshall’s rack in a couple years).  Also, since when do Nieman Marcus customers want the size of their hips increased and accentuated by tacky oversize buttons and raised round pockets?  His winning collection looks like a bunch of failed costume tests for a music video to “The Ladies Who Lunch.”

Whatever.  All I know now is that this season was just another wasted 36 hours of my life that I won’t get back, (is it just me or did it feel like it dragged on forever?).  Thank God for DVR so I could fast forward through the commercials and Mondo himself.  Why did I even come back to watch this crap?  Michael C. was one of the top 3?  Jerrell was an “all star?”  Shapeless sacks culled together from mismatched colors and prints are the height of pret-a-porter fashion?  I guess everyone’s taste was in their mouth for this go-round.  Granted Austin Scarlet is always entertaining and original, but why did he have to waste his time on this dreck of a show?  Kenley still hasn’t figured out how to talk without chewing her face but at least she’s a designer I can see appealing to a realistic customer base (when she isn’t throwing cats at her boyfriend).  They should have just kept looking for investors instead of taking time out of their lives for the producers to milk them for publicity and then toss them aside for a snively little weasel with no business sense who can’t create without turning into an evil hobbit who hates on everyone except the energy sucking seamstress that is Michael C.  Thanks for nothing assholes!  At least I now have more reason to continue to ignore the regular season of PR, especially since that TV Land fanatic with the oompa loompa tan will be returning.

P.S. Ill probably regret this post by tomorrow, but who cares- live in the moment whenever possible!



P.P.S. – Mondo’s outfit during the “After the Runway” segment was perhaps the most hideous thing he’s worn yet.  Way to prove your taste level is in the crapper.  And I won’t be looking at Marie Claire ever again.


6 responses to “Mondo wins PR All Stars: P.S. I hate you Project Runway All Stars and please don’t come back.

  1. I appreciated this season so much for the lack of Michael Kors, who I see as a vulture. He just sits around and saves little notes of ideas he’ll steal from the fledgling designer contestants. Next season, Kors will be back, and we won’t be watching it again. If you think I dislike Kors, Paul is even more disgusted by him.

    Having bloviated about Kors, I think I would have gone with Michael C. on the basis of the final ‘collections.’ I hate it when the critics say, “It’s almost too commercial.” Really? You’ve got something against selling product? REALLY? Ugh. I agreed with the judges that Mondo knows how to mix patterns better than anyone.

    I can’t worry about the personality of someone whose art I appreciate. For me, it’s the song, not the singer. The rest is just soap opera.

  2. I can worry about the personality, since his clothes are supposed to be a reflection of it, and to me the “fun” of his clothes is a lie that PR has been selling us since he came on the scene. I’m not buying anymore. But I still love you Reece! – Samir

  3. I totally agree with you about Kenley being a designer and I despise Mondo and his tacky collection.

  4. Yesssssssss! I literally googled ‘I dislike Mondo on Project Runway All Stars’. I don’t even know how he won! What I will say is with the way Joanna was faffing over him, she must have used her ‘Marie Claire’ muscle to help him win

  5. I like Mondo and I always will. He’s there to be a designer, not an entertainer. The emotional stuff he’s gone through does seem whiny from the outside, but that’s only because it’s hard to deal with on the inside. Struggling with oneself sucks.

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