Need a Hangover Cure? Try Itchy and Scratchy!

For those of you lounging in your PJS still trying to cure the “Let’s be Irish for a day by getting drunk” hangovers (quick tip- coffee dehydrates you further) here’s some entertainment to lighten the pressure pounding inside your head and which you can watch just by dragging your laptop towards you across that pool of regurgitated green beer.  (Do not rest laptop on stomach).

For our benefit, some wonderful generous soul has gone to great lengths to compile all the “Itchy and Scratchy” clips from the entire Simpsons series into one 48 minute(!) clip.  To paraphrase and expand on the comment made by the dear friend who brought this to my attention, I can’t believe the series has aired for so long that the incredibly short, twisted Tom and Jerry skits within the show now total 48 minutes in length (since some are as short as 3 or 4 seconds).  Since you won’t be moving for a while, this compilation of Matt Groening’s brilliant and endlessly hilarious thesis on the violence we commonly accept within the framework of a childrens cartoon should make you forget about the roiling contents of your stomach, or the misery of the after-puke-party.  Enjoy (for as long as YouTube allows it to stay up).

P.S.  If you’re not a fan of The Simpsons in their halcyon salad days of consistent greatness, (roughly Seasons 1-10, before a team of writers who sound like snooty grad students fresh out of college started working for the show) then I’m not sure we can stay friends.  If you are, then you will surely have some familiarity with the hilarious Itchy and Scratchy that will aid this video’s efficacy.  Once up and around, join me in exodus to Itchy and Scratchy Land (don’t forget your camera!)




2 responses to “Need a Hangover Cure? Try Itchy and Scratchy!

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