Seth Meyers Performs at UC Berkeley

Giggles and excited applause erupted from audience members as they welcomed comedian Seth Meyers to the stage of Zellerbach Hall, where he performed last Tuesday February 21st. 

Meyers reset the expectations for the audience when he first entered in jeans and a sweater and said although it had been sold as an “evening” with Seth Meyers, “this is more like a hang out”. Although the one hour spent with Meyers was fun, it would have been great to have arranged an opening act to justify the price of admission.

On a brighter note, Seth Meyers definitely made the hour spent on Zellerbach stage a funny one for his audience. Of course we did not expect any less, considering his reputation and past work.

Meyers confessed that his last show in Northern California was at Stanford University to which the Cal crowd “booed”. In response he cleverly remarked, “it’s cool to see that you hate Stanford. You guys are like the whitest Bloods and Crips EVER”.  He did say he appreciated the stage and welcoming attitude of Cal Students way more, because at Stanford, he performed in a chemistry classroom, while Cal gave him the “big” stage.

The next twenty minutes of his piece focused on politicians famously satirized on Saturday Night Live. Some of those he mentioned were George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman; however, it seems like Meyers has great respect for President Barack Obama. When he spoke about his experiences meeting the president, he did not make any jokes at the president’s expense. Rather he ridiculed himself and his experiences in those situations, However, Vice President Joe Biden was not safe from his clever jokes.

A lot of his material came from personal experiences and his day to day activities, but he also told jokes that related to students, which was a hit with the college crowd. He talked about studying abroad, “hooking-up” on futons with French exchange students, and living in Amsterdam, a perfect segue into the a discussion of the legality of marijuana in Amsterdam. Seeing his comedic performance live rather than on screen was a thrilling experience. He is an expert in sarcasm and focused mostly on story telling, rather than direct interaction with the audience, unlike many comedians who go that route.

The beginning of his stand-up was warm, the middle got hot, and the end had a fever. Seth Meyers was definitely charming and sweet and at the end of the night everyone had enjoyed his company. It was a warm room filled with a positive disposition to his work.

Needless to say we of course expected delight from Meyers, and he gave it to us with a cherry on top!

Due to camera restrictions we were not able to video or take images of him during the performance but I did run into a groupie video on youtube of him exciting Zellerbach Hall the night of his show.

Needless to say let’s check it out and Seth just know you are always welcomed back to Cal!

Bear love to you, 

Diana Vergara. 


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