Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Bring Down the House

Okay, I know I’m falling right into their trap, but Come On! This is fantastic. Taylor Swift and Zec Efron stepped onto the Ellen Show to promote their upcoming movie The Lorax, and they definitely won me over. Anything Doctor Seuss pulls at my inner child’s heartstrings and The Lorax ,of all his stories, even speaks to environmentalism. Two outgoing characters indeed, Taylor and Zac seem spot on choices as voice actors for this animated film. Deflecting Ellen’s silly insistence that the two were a couple, because all Hollywood starlets of a certain age are assumedly meant to be, this pair brought down the house with a little guitar. As Taylor so supportively led Zac in a demo from their lessons together, they began a duet written for Ellen to a Foster the People song. And it needs to be said that Zac really can sing. For some reason, High School Musical was blocked out of my mind, and I was struck by surprise at his voice. Anyway, well done. This was really fun and definitely gave the movie some good publicity.


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