Chris Brown & Rihanna Reunited… Musically

On Monday, (2/20/12) new remix singles were released of the Chris Brown track, “Turn Up the Music” and Rihanna’s, “Birthday Cake,” each featuring the other in the updated tracks. Rumors had been swirling for a few days since the Grammys last weekend that Brown would be collaborating with Rihanna on the updated remix, but now those suspicious are confirmed.

Aside from the musical reunion, rumors continue to persist that the two are once again romantically involved. As we all know, the two were involved in a physical altercation in which Brown allegedly hit and bit Rihanna a few years ago during the weekend leading up to the 2009 Grammys. Since last weekend’s Grammys the two were seen at the same party and recently it’s been confirmed Brown attended Rihanna’s 24th birthday party.

All I have to say about this newly reformed relationship is that I’m not comfortable with it. It seems wrong that Chris Brown is being so
generously forgiven for what he did a few years back by suddenly being accepted by not just Rihanna, but most of the music industry, as he performed various times at last week’s Grammys and even took home an award! The new remixed tracks are also unsettling just in the lyrics, as Brown says, “Girl I wanna fuck you right now” and then Rihanna interrupts with, “Imma make you my bitch.” The song itself isn’t bad, but it’s the fact that she’s singing it with a guy who pretty much physically attacked her and he gets aggressive and angry anytime someone brings up the subject. To me it seems that if Chris Brown really cared about his image and career he wouldn’t have so quickly come back on the music scene and continuously acted like a douche. Whether Rihanna and Brown are actually back together isn’t certain, but I really hope they’re not. Rihanna needs to simply, as hard as it may seem, get over him and move on! Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it is time to forgive and move on from what happened a few years ago, but the whole situation just makes me feel icky and awkward. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself, and they only reunite musically, as I can’t deny they don’t make some pretty catchy tunes together.

– Jose Vera


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