Our Exclusive with a Doe Eyed New Artist

Pretty little Doe Eye is a new local artist from the Bay, but her music is traveling way beyond local. Maryam Qudus who goes under the name of Doe Eye is currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts while also traveling and playing shows for major cities like New York, Boston and of course her favorite place San Francisco, CA.

On Saturday night, Doe Eye granted us backstage passes to her show taking place at Bottom of the Hill, in San Francisco. Here we got insight into Doe Eyes favorite things, the place where her love songs come from, and her personal feelings as a new artist. We also got to witness her sound check process, warm ups and meet her band! It was so much fun!

 But enough said! check out our exclusive interview for yourself and tell us if you like! If you don’t then maybe you can share some suggestions on who you would like to see on Entertainment CALTV next and then maybe we’ll get it right… you can just share whatever you feel! 



CALTV Entertaiment: Exclusive with Doe Eye



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