Christmas Albums for your Yuletide gatherings!

Need the right song for when you kiss that special someone under the Mistletoe? How about music while setting up your Christmas tree? Or tunes that you can listen to while sipping on your peppermint hot chocolate?

Christmas is just around the corner, and you will be needing the perfect soundtrack to your holidays! Here are some merry suggestions of newly released Christmas albums:

1.  Justin Bieber – Under the Mistletoe

This is good for the teeny boppers out there or the hopeless romantics yearning for a special someone underneath their Christmas trees.

2.  Michael Buble – Christmas

Buble, in my book, is always a good choice, especially for Christmas. If you’re into the whole crooner/Frank Sinatra feel with a mix of modern, this is the way to go!

3.  She&Him – A Very She&Him Christmas

For those who love the show New Girl, or Zooey Deschanel in general, you will enjoy this album. Zooey, with her cuteness and old-fashion 50s voice, will light up your Christmas for sure!

4.  Glee – The Christmas Album

A treat for the Gleeks! Music from hit show Glee is always so jolly, and with wonderful voices harmonizing to all-time Christmas song favorites, this is one to enjoy!

5. Lady Gaga – A Very Gaga Holiday

And of course, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays if there wasn’t a dose of Gaga! After premiering her Thanksgiving special on ABC, Lady Gaga released a Christmas track, her rendition of “White Christmas,” from her upcoming Christmas album!


– Jaron Liclican


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