Get Your Nerd on with Music, Creatures and Cocktails!

California Academy of Science hosts these incredible Nightlife events for individuals who are 21+.  It may sound dorky, but it is so much fun! Ever wondered what it would be like to check out a museum after dark? Now this is the 21+ edition! They serve drinks, (at SF prices) have live bands and DJs; all while being immersed in a world of odd sea creatures, stars and plants. Nightlife is every Thursday night in San Fransisco. If you’re living in Berkeley keep your eyes open for charter buses that shoot down that way just for this event! It was only $10 for me, including transportation! Regularly admission is $12, parking is $12 underground.

I went with my boyfriend and it was amazing. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into, but California Academy of Science is definitely more hip than I thought could possibly be! It definitely brings together a diverse crowd of young and old people all interested in the heady mix of plants, animals, stars, music and drinks. You should definitely check it out. They have a rare albino alligator, jellyfish (upside-down jellyfish!), frogs, seahorses, and seahorses that look like seaweed plants- incredible animals that I never knew existed. The walkway to the Planetarium (where they screen a short film entitled “Life”), extends over a pond full of stingray and various fish. The Academy also has turtles, penguins and interactive shows. They also deck the place out with fun lights and music in every room. Its a great place to spend a Thursday night, with friends or on a date! There are various foods, from tacos, eggrolls to porkbelly sandwiches (at museum prices). At the end of the night, I witnessed some people who were getting really groovy, dancing wildly to the eclectic music! Not only were the animals and creatures a spectacle, but after a few drinks, the people were too!

Check out more info here

Yasmin Shanker


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