Harold and Kumar are back! This time…they’re on a Christmas adventure!

The dynamic duo, played by John Cho and Kal Penn, reunite in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, where Harold is now married and Kumar is still getting high and gets his girlfriend pregnant. The basis of the plot, however, revolves around Harold’s labored attempts to impress his wife’s father to win his respect. In order to do so, Harold volunteers to decorate and watch over the family Christmas tree while the rest of his wife’s family go to church. This Christmas tree is special to his father-in-law specifically because it is hard to find. The tree ends up in flames, which leads to Harold’s desperate search for another tree. However, it proves more difficult than imagined with Kumar in tow, as they encounter bizarre mishaps along the way (part of the deal when these two team up).  This time around the obstacles come in the form of a powerful mob chasing after them, getting drugged by some “special” egg nog and getting challenged by a bunch of thirteen-year-olds in a game of beer pong.
Overall, I would say based on the number of scenes that made me laugh, I enjoyed themovie a lot. It managed to maintain the crude humor that they developed in the past two movies. On screen, the audience can definitely still feel the chemistry between Cho and Penn, and that even after drawing from the same well for 3 films, they are able to exemplify the ideal duo. Oh and let’s not forget about Neil Patrick Harris, playing himself again! Hilarious as always, I liked that his sexuality was not changed for the movie (it would have been a terrible idea to “straighten” him to play himself), which even included a cameo from his real-life partner David Burtka. I also thought the little girl definitely stole the spotlight by getting high on marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine- it was so cute and bad at the same time. As for the 3D aspect of the film, I felt that although some scenes did benefit form the gimmick (ie – when Harold and Kumar turned into clay figures), it was really unnecessary.

Aside from all the crazy shit Harold and Kumar went through, I think A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, to some degree, had an underlying message of valuing family and friendship. I mean, it IS still a Christmas movie after all, right? Throughout the movie, you can see how much Harold loves and cares about his wife, that he will do anything it takes to impress her family. As for Kumar, his story arc takes him from being a jobless pothead to deciding to go back to studying medicine and being ready to support a family (the real Christmas miracle perhaps).  Like any good holiday comedy, it balanced its humor by also depicting the importance of forgiveness, acceptance and yuletide togetherness.  Make sure to check it out and prepare to LYFAO!

I got to sit down with Harold himself, John Cho, to talk about the movie and working with Kal Penn. Check it out below!

– Jaron Liclican


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