Superhero Heaven: Avengers Trailer

Avengers Assemble!!!!  This week, Marvel Studios released the first teaser trailer for their new film, The Avengers, and boy, does it look awesome!! This is the first time in cinematic history where a company has combined their franchise characters and put them in a single film. These characters include Robert Downey JR’s Iron man, Chris Evan’s Captain America, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and many more. This is a comic book geek’s wet dream to see these characters all on the big screen for the first time.

The film, which comes out on May 7 2012, is one of the most anticipated films of next year and the preview gives us a glimpse at what geeks want to see. We get Downey having his Tony stark cocky persona, Thor kicking ass, and a short snippet of the Hulk roaring. It’s also nice to get a glimpse of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson playing spy Black Widow in the preview.

The preview itself doesn’t give us much of the plot but it sure does give us explosions and excitement. As a comic book fan, I am delighted to see that Director Joss Whedon has got it right by integrating kick assery and the team dynamic. The trailer, simply, just got everything right.  I am so excited for this movie and you should be too so watch the trailer below!!!!


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