Michael Moore: Back in the Bay, Supporting Oakland Protesters

OAKLAND: Multiple videos have been circulating the internet with raw footage of the last few horrific nights in Oakland. Peaceful protesters were requested to leave, Police stated that they were unlawfully assembling. One water bottle flew up in the air and that caused the Police to react. A former Marine and Iraq War veteran, Scott Olsen, was hit in the head with a tear-gas canister and suffered a fractured skull. Reasonable force? I would say not at all. Oakland Police had tear gas grenades, rubber bullets, and baton beatings to force the protesters to leave.

I’m not the only one that is shocked by this, but so are multiple celebrities and even countries. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore plans to visit Occupy Oakland today, according to his blog.  I hear at 3:30pm. On Thursday night, his blog titled “Life Among the 1%,” Moore writes “P.S. I will go to Oakland tomorrow afternoon to stand with Occupy Oakland against the out-of-control police.” Not only Michael Moore but as this is typed Egypt, a country that has been going through hell, is occupying for Oakland. Something has to be done.

The Oakland Police was ordered to take action by Mayor Jean Quan, who last Thursday attempted to speak to tent city but was booed off stage.

– Yasmin Shanker


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