Journey To the End of the Night

Journey to the End of the Night is a yearly game played on the weekend of Halloween in San Francisco. This year it falls on Saturday October 29th. Journey to the End of the Night is a game where you must run to different checkpoints around the city, running from “Zombies” and surviving through the end of the night (like a giant game of tag). Hundreds of people run in their wacky costumes through the crowded streets, trying to make it to the next checkpoint and avoiding zombies any way possible. 

The rules are simple. You just need to sign up and meet at Embarcadero in SF, where you can also register late. When everyone is released, you must survive to the next checkpoint, where you run from zombies. “Zombies” are identified by their provided armband , while people that are alive are identified by a different colored armband. Once you are tagged, you must become a zombie and stop others from surviving the night.

Once you get into the game, it all gets crazy and real. The zombies are smart and will trick you. They will hide and pretend to be innocent bystanders. Do not trust the person who is fixing their car, simply smoking a cigarette or waiting for the bus.

In the game, there are multiple safe locations and items: buses, bus stops, people dressed as jellyfish, etc. And you will have to utilize your knowledge of the city to get through the districts of San Francisco and make it to the end.

Check the links below for more info. Good Luck!!!!! 

Official Site:

Facebook page:!/event.php?eid=276548972366113

—-Steve Segovia—-


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