The other day Uncle Mitchell brought over a bag of junk food so he and Cam could do a Jew fast…

Phil: Juice fast?
Luke: I’m pretty sure he said Jew.

Woah there, is that Tobias Funke I see in the last few episodes of Modern Family? I hope he comes back, because honestly, all I can think of when I see him on the screen is “I just blue myself.”

I’m really loving this season of Modern Family. Still the same wit and energy that I loved from the last season. Phil, Mitchell, and Cameron are really the scene-stealers. They are just as hilarious as ever and are officially my favorite characters on the show.

I loved the third episode, Phil on Wire. Watching Mitchell unravel at his bosses house when he hears the story of the drowning sea lion was hilarious. The best part? He spits a gob of mucus sobbing on his way outside. I know that everyone can relate. We all know a time when we were crying so hard that we were drooling with spit. Cam chases Mitchell who screams for the sea lion as he walks into the ocean fully clothed. Then, they both get knocked over by a wave and struggle to get up. Priceless. Also, Phil learning how to tightrope walk was pretty funny. Especially since he was wearing jazz shoes. When he finally does make it across, he’s excited because he now has a second way of getting across his lawn.



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