Beyoncé Accused of Plagiarism, Again.

Last week, Beyoncé debuted her latest music video “Countdown,” from her album 4. When I first bought the album last summer it was one of my favorite tracks on the album, so I was really excited for the video. The video itself, though, fails to deliver – especially when it’s matched with such an energetic and fun song.

For the most part, it’s a depiction of Beyoncé in as many outfits and hairstyles as could be possible. She dons an Audrey Hepburn look, plays with neon, black and white colors and wears heels in every color of the rainbow. Other than a few dance moves and singing to the camera, there isn’t much to the video. I would have preferred a story with a plot to move the song along or accentuate some of its more interesting lyrics like, “grind upon it girl / show him how you ride it.” It’s unbelievable how they made such an upbeat song into a generic and boring video.

Probably the worst (or most amusing) aspect of this video for me has to be the recent controversy that the video plagiarizes a few scenes from a Belgian choreographer, Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker. As trusty YouTube would provide it, there’s already a comparison video highlighting the scenes from Bey’s video that look awfully similar to some of these by De Keersmaeker. This isn’t the first time Beyonce has been accused of plagiarism. At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards she practically ripped off her performance from one performed by an Italian pop singer, Lorella Cuccarini. Even her hugely successful, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” is inspired by a dance routine titled “Mexican Breakfast” shown on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969.

There’s been no response yet from Beyoncé and her people regarding the latest set of plagiarism claims. In all probability, she’s realized she’s once again been caught copying and admit to the claims and say she was “inspired.” After all these previous offenses, I would have thought Beyoncé would be smarter than to, once again, cheat off someone else. When will she stop ripping off others’ work and come up with something unique herself?

One response to “Beyoncé Accused of Plagiarism, Again.

  1. I just think that she is far more talented than the pre-packaged material shes been putting out. She’s doing songs now she should of been doing when she was younger, when she first came out she was a serious artist singing much more mature songs than this bubble gum pop shes been doing as of late. She really needs to find a matchine to swap the songs shes doing now for the songs she created then, shes 30 running around like shes 21 riggght. I love her dont get me wrong but um sugar your 30 not 22. 🙂

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