Castro Street Fair 2011

Yasmin Shanker

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dig out your wigs, whips, wild make-up, or even show some skin at the 2011 Castro Street Fair!

The Castro Street fair was started by Harvey Milk in 1974.  Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro District, at the intersection of Market & Castro Streets, hundreds of vendors, artists, crafts people and various organizations get involved in this great event. The fair includes stages with live events and music from local groups.  This year was poppin’ and amusing to say the least!

While snapping pics, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see a few naked individuals frolicking freely! I mean, completely freely. Then of course, the glamorous drag queens who were busy strutting their stuff down the street. Everyone was more than willing to pose for the camera. One guy even said “So how do you want me?

Everyone was having a blast, various crafty vendors were selling their products, alcoholic beverages and ethnic food was being passed around. A band called Love Fool was playing some of my all time favorite tunes, What I Got –Sublime, Rollercoaster of Love – RHCP! They were wearing these adorable matching sailor outfits! Apparently, I missed the comedy sketches but I hear they’re hilarious, I’ll have to just come around next year.
Everyone was so friendly. The Castro Street Fair created this great environment where judgment was thrown out the window, well for the most part… enough to the point where people felt comfortable expressing themselves, inside their clothes and out! Gotta wait ’til next year, its one of those things you just have to check out and experience for yourself!



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