And the iPhone 5 is…where?

On Tuesday, Apple held a keynote event to announce the highly anticipated new model of its popular iPhone. While everyone was expecting the iPhone 5, Apple decided to release an updated form of the iPhone 4, titled the iPhone 4S, which has pretty much an identical design to the original iPhone 4 and has only been slightly updated in terms of its features. The iPhone 4S has an 8-megapixel camera, runs on iOS 5 and features a new program called Siri, a voice command operation which allows users to set dates, reminders and other such notifications all through the use of their voice. Aside from these new features, not much has been changed from the previous model but small tweaks. A new carrier has been added, Sprint, and the phone can now work worldwide.

I, along with many other prospective buyers, was highly disappointed that an entirely new iPhone design, such as the speculated iPhone 5, was not released. Many were also disappointed with the lack of innovation in the new features of the 4S. Presumably the elusive iPhone 5 will be released this upcoming summer instead. For those desperate for a new phone, like myself, this new iPhone may be the thing to get at the moment; but it’s a tough choice to make considering a newer model could be released in less than a year. So goes the world of technology and electronics: one day you have the latest toy, the next it’s outshined by something better.


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