ADELE Cancels U.S. Tour

British pop singer ADELE has canceled her upcoming, 10-city U.S. tour due to a hemorrhage in her vocal cord. The condition could render her incapable of ever singing again unless she takes time to recover. In her blog, the musician announced the news to her many fans with the following message:

“Guys, im heartbroken and worried to tell you that yet again im experiencing problems with my voice. Its ridiculous i know! i cant believe it myself…the fact is i have never been able to fully recover from any of the problems that ive had and then continue to rest even once im recovered, because of my touring commitments… I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever.”

Earlier this year, ADELE also postponed a couple of shows because of vocal issues and a bout of laryngitis. The singer currently has the number one song in the country with her second single, “Someone Like You,” following a seven-week reign with her earlier smash, “Rolling in the Deep.” Her sophomore effort, 21 is currently the highest selling album of the year in the United States. It’s pretty sad that such a talented singer with unprecedented success this year continues to struggle with vocal issues, which could possibly hinder her success if she can’t keep performing for her growing audience.

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