“Yeah, we’re her boyfriends. We’re reverse Mormons…

…One guy just isn’t enough for her.” – Nick . New Girl

I first watched the Pilot of New Girl last Saturday night with my boyfriend. Now, this is always a tense situation since a lot of the shows that I love, he hates. Like Suits. Great show, great actors. Smart and witty. Yet he thinks the acting is awkward and not believable. Whatever. The fact that Gabriel Macht can look that good in a suit is enough for me. But back to New Girl, I had to watch the first episode because it was getting a lot of attention and my friend kept going on and on about how funny it was, but deep down I knew that he just had a thing for Zooey Deschanel. But who doesn’t? She has that whole adorable and quirky thing going on that no one can really resist.

So when I first started watching the show, I must admit that I wasn’t completely sold. Yes, it was funny and different with that uniqueness that only certain actors/actresses can pull off. But, it wasn’t hilarious. It was hard to get into because all the characters were awkward in some way, and you couldn’t really relate to any one character completely. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is the most awkward of all, singing whenever she wants, including a theme song for herself, and socially inept. But she can pull it off since she’s Zooey Deschanel. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is a douche/bro, and constantly puts himself in situations where he has to pay the douchebag jar, like taking his shirt off to show off his abs even though he isn’t very ripped and is almost as pale as Edward in Twilight. Nick (Jake Johnson) is completely obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, crying and calling her non-stop. Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) is too intense when dealing with women, yelling at them only as a coach knows how. I remember a specific point where he orders Jess to stop crying by just yelling NO, as if she were a dog. It was a bit over the top for me and stopped me from really getting into the show.

But towards the middle to end of the episode there was a change of pace and I really started enjoying the show. Maybe it took time to get used to the humor, but I also think that towards the end I could find characters to relate to a bit more. Nick became that leading man when he finally accepts the end of his relationship with his ex and saves the day by rescuing Jess from being stood up. You can relate to Jess when she’s sitting there by herself in the restaurant, all dressed up, pleading with the waitress to let her sit there a little bit longer in hope that her date will show up. And when the guys all come to rescue her from the humiliation of being stood up, breaking into song in the middle of the restaurant, it’s touching and something you hope your friends would do for you.

Overall, if the show can continue balancing the quirks of the characters with some more relatable qualities, I think the show will be a success. The funny writing is there. It just has to be balanced. So don’t forget to catch New Girl, Tuesdays at 9pm on Fox.

Schmidt: First of all, let’s take the Lord of the Rings references and put them in a deep, dark cave, where no one’s gonna find them. Ever.
Jess: Except Smeagle. He lives in a cave.



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