When Larry King died, they didn’t just cancel his show…

… They got Piers Morgan to come in and do the show. And that way Larry lives on.

Apologies for the week long break. Had to finish some papers and what not. But I am back for some more reviews and news! Excited? I am.

Friday Night Lights is back and I’ve got to say that I am enjoying it so far. Coach is back at it. Yelling at his players, but we all know that deep down he’s all warm and fuzzies. Make sure you watch Steve Carrell’s last few episodes on The Office. Michael’s Last Dundies was hilarious. We will all miss him when he leaves. I wonder how the show will continue. Without Michael Scott, what’s the point? Fairly Legal is likely to be renewed by USA Network, so I am all happy! Great season finale. Lots of drama and Kate doing what she does best. I hope she can fix her relationship with Justin though. I don’t get it, he pretty much seems like the perfect guy. Always there for her and flippin hot… Bones was also pretty great. Guest star Geoff Stults didn’t hurt either. Must say that I was pretty impressed with him. I had only see him before on 7th Heaven and I think he did a great job with his character. Wished that he would have gotten together with Bones though. And if you guys have Netflix, Salt and Easy A are now both available for viewing! Yay!

As for some news, Netflix is the largest subscription entertainment business in the U.S. Rio is the top grossing film of 2011. James Franco getting his second Ph.D. at the University of Houston (why not Berkeley?) Charlie Sheen now only has one goddess left. Emma Watson is leaving Brown University for another school (my friend out East is heartbroken).



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