Just came back from watching Hanna with the boy. Gotta say, I enjoyed it, but my bf said it was just ok.

*SPOILER ALERT* Saoirse Ronan does an amazing job in this film. I think she really captured the character. And she is so young! I see great things in her future career as an actress. Also enjoyed Eric Bana in the film. Of course the fact that he was shirtless in 50% of the screen time he got didn’t hurt either. Great humor thrown in from Sophie, the girl she befriends on her way to meet her father. Cool action and fighting, but I wish the story would have been explored a bit more. The ending was super abrupt, but I guess I see what the director was going for there. Anyways, don’t want to give too much away. I would say it’s worth a watch, just don’t set your expectations too high. *END OF SPOILER ALERT*


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