I can’t be satisfied…

…until you are satisfied.

If you haven’t watched the latest Modern Family episode, I suggest you head over right now to Hulu to check it out. That being said *SPOILER ALERT* as this will be a review of that very episode. I thought this was a hilarious episode, as Phil advertises his realty services by plastering an ad of his family over his minivan. Of course, the ad gets messed up and his wife and daughter end up being advertised as call girls. I also loved how Mitchell tries to support Cameron’s obsession with directing the best musical ever… for elementary school kids. The two have such great chemistry between them that whenever they’re on the screen, I know I am in for some big laughs. I did have an issue with the story with Jay and his brother. I felt that it was a little bit too obvious that something was wrong. And explaining that their teasing relationship was their way of showing that they loved each other was a bit cliche. Also, Alex gets a little too cruel in the episode for my taste. We know she is the witty child who is perfect and all, but, for me, some of her lines teetered the boundary between funny and mean. *END SPOILER ALERT*

In recent entertainment news, Charlie Sheen is organizing a walk supporting bipolar awareness. At least something good is coming out of this media frenzy with him. SyFy also announced its lineup for this summer. I’ve been waiting to see Eureka for quite a while now (airing July 11, 8 pm). Warehouse 13 will follow Eureka’s premiere at 9 pm. CBS just picked up a new reality show called Same Name where celebrities switch places with people who have their same name. And ABC has finally decided to end the long-lived soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.

As always, stay tuned and don’t forget to check out CalTV for more episodes!



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