Hugh Laurie on the Big Screen

Quick update with some lovely news that I just heard about. Mr. Hugh Laurie (my favorite actor, which is why you’re hearing about this), is going to be starring in Mr. Pip, directed by Andrew Adamson (Shrek 2, The Chronicles of Narnia). Yay for Hugh Laurie on the big screen. Oh what the heck, I’ll throw in some more news to make this post more worthwhile. Ben Silverman, executive producer of The Office and The Biggest Loser, is expecting a baby with Jennifer Cuoco. Catherine Zeta-Jones is seeking treatment for bipolar disorder (what a shame, wonderful actress). Charlie Sheen claims to be involved in talks to return to Two and a Half Men. Right…

And as always, stay tuned for some more entertainment news and don’t forget to check out CalTV for new episodes!



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